Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Win a copy of the new Michael Morpurgo book

Do you love Michael Morpurgo books?
We do. I think they are real book to home educators and homeschoolers everywhere. They're always moving and always pave the way into deep discussions and further learning.
I reckon that it's very likely that each one of his books would make a good springboard for a literature-based unit study of its own.
Most of them look at events in British and European history, fictionalising true stories in a way that engages modern children.
Last year, we explored The Best Christmas Present in the World and we will be revisiting the unit study, even if only for the recipes :)
If you want to win a copy of his new book An Eagle in the Snow, pop on over to Never The Same 2 Days Running for their free to enter competition.

Good Luck and Happy Exploring!

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