Monday, 29 June 2015

FREE Camping Lapbook

As a family, we recently enjoyed a few days at a local home educators camp. While we were there, I ran a workshop on lapbooking. I showed parents how to make lapbooks and passed on some time saving tips. Children got the chance to make a mini lapbook created especially  for that camp.

It was so popular that I decided to re-jig the lapbook a little and make it available on here for free. Tell your friends to pop over and grab their own copy too :)

free lapbook, camping lapbook

Friday, 19 June 2015

Currclick Summer Sale

Currclick are having a summer sale with 259 reduced items available until 22nd June.

Why not pop over to Currclick and bag a bargain?

 Alternatively, go straight to the two deeply discounted Picture Book Explorers units :)

Happy Exploring!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Summer Exploring

Are you looking for Picture Book Explorers with a connection to summer?

How about Picture Book Explorers ~ Floss with a storyline that ends at a summer show and sheepdog trial?

Or Picture Book Explorers ~ Dogger with the main events happening at a summer fair?

Or Picture Book Explorers ~ I Took the Moon For a Walk, a beautifully illustrated fantasy taking place on a summer's evening?

Or Picture Book Explorers ~ The North Wind and the Sun, a beautifully illustrated re-telling of Fontaine's fable?

Or if you want to tie your studies in with a historical event, how about Picture Book Explorers ~ The Little Ships which covers the Dunkirk evacuations of World War II in May- June 1940?

Happy Exploring!