Saturday, 7 October 2017

Let's Explore Earthquakes Topic Pack

We've had great fun this last couple of weeks testing out the new Let's Explore Earthquakes Topic Pack.

Boykin is 12 and has learnt a little about earthquakes in the past from the news and from workshops we've attended. Consequently, some of the information in the pack was revision, but most of it was new, thus helping to both consolidate and build on his previous knowledge.

The suggested schedule breaks the learning adventure down into bite-size chunks and short lessons (a la Charlotte Mason). This means that concentration doesn't wane; your child is fully engaged and real learning takes place.

The 13 minibooks will help your child to record and order his project, whilst the 11 hands-on activities will cement the topic for them, creating happy memories of your family's learning journey.

Happy Exploring!


Monday, 2 October 2017

Plate Boundaries

I came across this fab rap for our Earthquake lapbook. We had such fun making up dance moves to go with it. I think The Boy will never forget the names of the different plate boundaries or how they move 😁