Monday, 30 March 2015

Happy Birthday Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was born on 30th March, 1853. He is so famous that he even appears in a Dr Who episode ;)

Did you know that he only sold one painting in his lifetime? Now his paintings are worth millions.

Laurence Anholt has written a series of children's books about artists, including one about Van Gogh. It tells a story during the time he spent in France when he was 35 and includes examples of his work. There is also a brief biography on the last page. It makes an ideal unit study starter :)

Activities that your child may enjoy:
Painting swirls in the sky just like Van Gogh using bright colours and mixing the paint on the paper
Create self-portraits - Van Gogh made over 30
Visit an art gallery and look for Van Gogh paintings
Grow a sunflower
Serve a sunflower shaped lunch
Make a jelly in a Swiss roll tin and use a star shape cutter to make dessert
Listen to the song 'Vincent' :)

Further resources for a unit study on Van Gogh:
Montessori Cards
Van Gogh Picture Cards
Video clip from BBC Schools
BBC clip about Van Gogh's Chair
Explore the digital Van Gogh map
Colouring pages
Notebooking page

More books on Vincent Van Gogh:

For a unit study that explores another of Laurence Anholt's books, check out 


  1. Love it :) again! We are doing Van Gogh project next week. I will link to your blog!

  2. What good timing that you found this :) I hope it comes in useful to you. Thanks for linking :)