Monday, 1 December 2014

Make an Easy Upcycled Advent Calendar

This is a really easy and cheap jigsaw Advent calendar to make. All you need is an old Christmas card, the bigger the better, a pair of scissors, a pen and some glue.

Cut the back half off the old Christmas card and keep on one side. You will need this to use as the base for your jigsaw.

 On the back of the picture, write the numbers 1 to 24, nicely spread out. I've written mine in order so my Boy will get the edge pieces first. Cut in between the numbers to create the 24 jigsaw pieces.

On the other half of the card that you cut off initially, write the numbers 1 to 24 in roughly the corresponding positions to show your child where the pieces should go.


Give your child a piece of jigsaw every day. Stick the pieces on to the card back with glue. At the end of Advent your child will have a complete picture.

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