Monday, 18 August 2014

UK & Ireland Map Review

A customer  recently asked for advice on where to buy a good map of the British Isles to go with their Picture Book Explorers adventures. I realised that the one we use at home is VERY old and no longer available for sale.

I had a good look around and was actually pretty disappointed by what I could find. All the available maps of the British Isles showed Northern Ireland connected toa section of a faded, vague impression of the Republic of Ireland. The worst one I saw had Northern Ireland floating around disembodied from any other land mass. And then Schofield & Sims came to the rescue and sent me a poster sized map of the UK & Ireland to review.

As it is listed as a poster, I anticipated a paper version but was delighted to find that it is laminated, making it much more hardwearing and more likely to last all through our future years of Picture Book Exploring and beyond.

The map is slightly smaller than A1 and hangs on the back of our door perfectly. There are plenty of towns marked on it as well as the all important county boundaries. All important that is, for our PBE explorations :) In fact, Mousehole is the only town visited by Picture Book Explorers so far that isn't on the map.  

Schofield & Sims give free postage in the UK and Ireland, making it cheaper to buy directly from them than buying the same Map of UK and Ireland from Amazon. If you're looking for a wall map to enhance your Picture Book Explorers learning journey, you won't go far wrong with this one :)

Our new map with some of our Explorers flags. Spot the door handle :)
  What are your favourite map recommendations?

*Disclosure: All opinions are my own and are given as honestly as possible.  I received a free copy of the map to review, No money changed hands.

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