Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Exploring Stone Girl, Bone Girl

Check out today's Google doodle :)  It celebrates the 215th birthday of Mary Anning. If you click on the doodle it will give you links to investigate further. This is a good one for children. It's the perfect week to be exploring with Picture Book Explorers - Stone Girl, Bone Girl :)
Stone Girl Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt is set in 18th century Lyme Regis. It tells the story of how young Mary Anning, fossil hunter extraordinaire, discovered an ichthyosaurus fossil.

It is beautifully illustrated by Sheila Moxley in bright, bold colours, using unusual and skewed perspectives. It is a book that lent itself very nicely to interesting hands-on art education and activities.
As it is a book about a fossil hunter, it contains, as you would expect, activities related to fossils. It also includes suggestions for literacy and numeracy activities that all relate to the book. And of course, like all Picture Book Explorers, the pack offers the opportunity to learn about the region in which it is set, including local recipes. It also includes a timeline of Mary Anning's life.

You can read a review of this pack at Classroom Free and also on page 40 of  the Spring 2014 issue of Education Outside School magazine.

Other useful go-alongs:

You can also buy fossils and fossil hunting kits at Fossils Galore.

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