Sunday, 8 December 2013

Exploring Floss by Kim Lewis

New out this week, a Picture Book Explorers guide to accompany Flossby Kim Lewis. The story follows Floss from her old life in Newcastle to her new life as a working dog on a sheep farm in Northumberland.

Take the opportunity to learn about British farming methods, sheep and working dogs. Use the suggested activities to enhance your learning with a hands-on science experiment, art, crafts and regional recipes.

Suitable for all kinds of home education styles, from a structured routine approach to a one followed by more autonomous educators who wish to strew new ideas in their children's paths.

Although Picture Book Explorers are written with homeschoolers in mind, this is a fantastic unit to support your school-going child's learning at home. It is especially suitable for the long summer holidays when sheepdog trials can be visited in real life.

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You will also need to borrow or buy your own copy of Floss by Kim Lewis to complete the suggested explorations.

Useful stuff for the crafts and other activities:

Go Along books, not essential but may come in handy :

 Added extras, again, not essential but could add to the fun :)

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