Sunday, 3 January 2016

JRR Tolkien's Birthday

JRR Tolkien was born in South Africa on 3rd January, 1892. You can read a full biography here and a shorter one here.

If you fancy commemorating his birthday, The Tolkien Society have lots of  activity suggestions linked to all key stages of the the English National Curriculum. These can easily be adapted for home educators and homeschools. My favourite suggestion is the Hobbit menu served by Bilbo at his unexpected party. you'll find that in the KS2 activity aides file :)

You could also follow the Tolkien Trail and journey through Middle Earth guided by Gandalf. The site contains games, fan fiction, artwork, music and a discussion board.
*Parents, please check suitability before letting your children on this site. Supervision is recommended.

Of course, you could spend the day watching all the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films but I don't think there's enough hours left in the day. Hmmm, could lead nicely into a maths activity there. I'll Imdb the films and get the kids to work it out ;)

Colouring pages
LEGO hobbit colouring page
Hobbit worksheets
Hobbit copywork
Ideas for a hobbit birthday party
Hobbit wordsearch
Complete Hobbit unit study

Tolkien books, films & stuff:

Hobbit and Tolkien resources for home educators and homeschoolers on Currclick

Tolkien Books at The Book People

Tolkien Books at The Works

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