Thursday, 11 December 2014

Reindeers to Remember Them By

This is a simple craft activity to do with little ones that can be repeated year after year to measure how they grow :)

You need
dark brown and light brown paper or card
felt tip pens
pre-cut sticky shapes
googly eyes/glitter etc.

On the dark brown paper, draw round your child's foot. This is the reindeer's head.
On the light brown paper, draw round both your child's hands. These are the reindeer's antlers.
Stick the hands at the toe end of the foot.
Let your child decorate the reindeer as they like, adding eyes, nose, mouth, glitter etc.

I still have the reindeer that my son made when he was 2. It's so fun for him to see how much he has grown. I wish I'd made one every year so he could keep track of his annual growth rate and we could have had our own herd of reindeers to remember him by on our wall :)

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