Thursday, 27 November 2014

Picstick Discount Code

I did a review on Picstick magnets recently on my Home Ed blog which you can read in full here. The upshot being that I was impressed with the service, speed of delivery and the quality of the magnets.

I can see them making cute little Christmas presents for friends and relatives that could easily slip inside a Christmas card.

This is also a project that  children could do themselves; choosing the photographs and uploading them was a fairly simple process.
And you don't have to be limited to photos, you could scan their artwork or write your own messages to have printed on to magnets too :)

There is plenty of potential to use these little photo-magnets educationally. Design your own set of alphabet magnets, or a set of chore chart symbols. For younger children, you could design a set of daily activity must-dos - cleaning teeth, brushing hair etc.
Or how about creating a set with story characters and places to use as prompts in developing imaginative story telling? :)

Picstick are offering an amazing discount on their magnets for #blackfriday which suddenly makes some of these ideas more likely to come to fruition :)
You can buy 1 set of magnets and get 3 sets FREE by using this code at the checkout


This equates to 36 magnets for £9.50/$14.99 with free international postage - which works out at just over 26p each :)

What educational activity would you use the magnets for? :)

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