Sunday, 16 November 2014

New Print-and-play Game

My daughter, aka The Girl, came up with a new way to play Bingo. She decide to use it as a maths lesson to help her and her younger brother build their mental arithmetic skills. During the process of fine-tuning and tweaking we came up with a few variations and ideas for extension activities. Consequently, in an attempt to let her see how her ideas can earn her money, I decided to create a print-and-play version, complete with full instructions. Like all Branch Out World materials, the game allows for flexibility and adaptation to make it suit the needs of different families.

This is  what some of the testers had to say said about games galore ~ Equation Bingo:

"We've been playing Equation Bingo and my girls really got into it! They are only aged 9, 7 and 5 and maths is not usually our go to activity, ...but they really enjoyed themselves!"

"It would I feel be well suited to use in small supported learning groups in school where anything flashy can be distracting as it is a good way to encourage mental maths and confidence."

You can buy the new Games Galore ~ Equation Bingo from Currclick for just £1.

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